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Otodoc generate and maintain your documentation directly from your source code.

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Illustration showing Otodoc is analyzing your source code app

AI-powered documentation uses AI to analyze source code and other relevant information you have to automatically generate software documentation so you can spend more time on adding new feature.

Always up-to-date updates documentation every time changes are made on your application or only when you app is released - you choose - ensuring documentation is always up-to-date.

Illustration showing that every time changes are pushed to git, it will update your doc
Illustration showing you can generate multiple documentation types

Multiple outputs allows you to generate product documentation like features descriptions, user guides... or technical documentation like architecture overview, test plans and a lot more!

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I prefer to write documentation manually ?

While manual documentation is an option, can save you hours of time and ensure accuracy.

How accurate and reliable is the documentation generated Otodoc?

Otodoc uses AI to analyze all relevant information directly from your source code resulting in a quite accurate and comprehensive documentation. It is still recommended to review the documentation generated.

Does it work with any type of application?

Right now Otodoc support web application using Laravel, Symfony, but I will add others as needed. You can tweet me (@aschelch) to tell me which one you need!

Is my source code secured when using this web application?

Yes, Otodoc does not store your source code but analyze it using OpenAI AI model (for now, but I plan to use a private model as soon as possible). So make sure to be authorized to share your code with OpenAI solution.

What is the output format of the documentation generated?

Otodoc generate documentation in Markdown format so it can be easily integrated in an wiki or static site generator.

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